Maglumi 600


Maglumi 600

Model Maglumi 600
Brand Snibe
Usage 24 hours ready-to-use
Sample throughput up to 180 tests/hour
Time to first result 17 minutes


Principle Of Luminescence

  • Non-enzyme involved flash chemiluminescence, long stability of reagents
  • ABEI label, stable in acid and alkaline solution

Modes Of Operation

  • Random, Batch and STAT

Sample Loading

  • Up to 16 sample tubes
  • Continuous loading, STAT available
  • Analyzer auto numbered
  • LIS connection
  • Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply

Reagent Loading

  • 4 reagents on board
  • Continuous loading
  • RFID reading all info of reagents
  • Refrigerated reagent area

Reagent Features

  • Integrated kit, ready-to-use, no pretreatment required
  • Integrated kit including calibrators
  • Using superparamagnetic microbeads
  • RFID tag storing all info of reagent
  • RFID tag with built-in master curve
  • 2-point calibration to adjust master curve
  • Calibration stability: Max 4 weeks

Other Features

  • Clot detection
  • Liquid level detection for reagent
  • Optional ratio for sample dilution
  • Auto dilution for high concentration sample
  • Constant 37℃ incubation
  • 15-30℃ Operating Temperature

Operation System

  • Windows 7
  • HP compatible (Dual-core CPU), Color touch screen


  • Connection to LIS via COM or network card
  • Direct operation on LIS system to test

Dimensions Weight

  • 88x56x50cm, 56Kg