Product code – ODP419

Total RNA isolation kit uses a new RNA isolation technology based on Guanidine Thiocyanate / Phenyl method. It contains a unique buffer RZ that minimizes the contamination of genomic DNA and protein. Total RNA Kit can efficiently isolates high pure RNA from blood, cells, tissues and plant samples in one hour. The purified RNA is ready-to-use in downstream applications such as: RT-PCR and realtime RT-PCR, gene-chips assay, northern blot, dot blot, polyA screening, in vitro transcript, and molecular cloning.

Kit Contents

Description                                                                                Quantity                                      Storage   

Buffer RZ                                                                                   60 mL                                          2-8°C  up to 12 months   

Buffer RD                                                                                   3 mL                                            15-25°C up to 12 months

Buffer RW                                                                                  15 mL                                          15-25°C up to 12 months

RNase-free ddH2O                                                                   5 mL                                            15-25°C up to 12 months

RNase-free spin column and collection tube                      50                                                 15-25°C up to 12 months

Hand Book                                                                                 1


 – Cloning

– Northern Blotting

– Nuclease Protection Assays

– Polymerase Chain Reaction

– cDNA Library Construction