Product code – ODP305

The Plant Genomic DNA Kit provides a fast, simple, and cost- effective genomic DNA extraction method for routine molecular biology laboratory applications. The Kit uses silica membrane technology to eliminate the cumbersome steps associated with loose resins or slurries. The kit is ready for use and can purify the genomic DNA from a wide variety of plant species and tissues, and the whole process is completed in less than 1 hour. Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction endonuclease digestion and Southern Hybridization.

Kit Contents


Description    Quantity    Storage  
Buffer GP1             40 mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer GP2             40 mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer GD             13mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer PW             15mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer TE              10 mL           2-25°C up to 12 months
Spin Columns CB3  with collection tubes                50           2-25°C up to 12 months
Hand Book                1


Downstream DNA research applications

  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • PCR
  • DNA cloning
  • DNA sequencing
  • DNA electrophoresis