Product code – ODR23

RTase used in this kit is a thermostable mutant of M-MLV reverse transcriptase (RNase H-) which is a recombinant type and purified from E.coli. This mutant type of RNase enables more efficient cDNA synthesis due to more thermostable characteristic compare than wild type through the prevention of abnormal cDNA of secondary structural RNA under the temperature of 42ºC.


Kit Contents


Description    Quantity    Storage  
 RTase(200U/μl)         10000 U                                -20°C
2X Real-Time PCR Smart Mix

(Included 10mM dNTP mix)

          200μl                                 -20°C
8 mM DTT           500μl                                 -20°C
RNase free Water           0.5ml                                 -20°C
Random hexamer or Oligo dT (2.8nmol)       Lyophilized                                 -20°C

Dissolve in 56μl nuclease

free water before use.