Product code – ODP332

Blood DNA Midi Kit is specially designed for purification of genomic DNA from 0.5-3 ml fresh or frozen stored whole blood (Samples collected in blood collection tubes treated with EDTA, heparin or citrate), clotted blood and white blood cells. It adopts innovative silica-based material and special buffer system for effective binding and extracting gDNA from blood samples. The procedure completely removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors, making total DNA isolation fast, convenient and reliable. Genomic DNA isolated with this kit is of high-quality and serves as an excellent template for agarose gel analysis, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR analysis and blotting procedures.

Kit Contents


Buffer GD            13mL         2-25°C up to 12 months

Description    Quantity    Storage  
Buffer GE             40 mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer GD             13 mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer PW             15mL          2-25°C up to 12 months
Buffer TB             15 mL           2-25°C up to 12 months
Proteinase K               1 mL           2-25°C up to 12 months
Spin Columns CB3                10           2-25°C up to 12 months
Hand Book                1


Downstream DNA research applications

  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • PCR
  • DNA cloning
  • DNA sequencing
  • DNA electrophoresis